Rec ball Trench & Pallet Field

Test your tactical skills on our original Rec Ball Trench & Pallet Field.  This field is set up to reward the teams that works together as one unit.  Find the strongholds, take risk, and reap the reward for success.  This one of a kind field is very fun to play.

Old West Village Field

Prepare for the unique paintball experience of having your very own shootout in our Old West Village.  This new themed set up is family friendly and tons of fun for group play.  The Old West Village course is great for shorter and repeat rounds of play.

4 Acre Woods Ball Field

Our woods ball field is open and ready for play.  Almost 5 acres of challenging battles sure to get your adrenaline pumping.  The wooden course is great for people who like to hunt or play capture the flag.  This is our largest field and is great for standard to longer length games.

Important Information

  • Must be 12+ years old to play
  • All patrons must sign our Wavier Form
    (Patrons under 18 must have an adult sign)
  • All players must use paint purchased at Grand Valley Adventures
  • All prices subject to change

Target Range & Instruction

Our paintball fields offer a diverse playing experience, multiple unique defenses, and obstruction on the Old West Village, along with a trailed out Woods Ball portion. We also have a target range along with a chrono station to tune your paintball gun to optimal performance.

Viewing & Grilling Area

Our spacious viewing & gas grill area overlooks our paintball fields.  This option is great for groups looking to grill out after their rounds of paintball.  We also provide an elevated and protected spectator area for observation and there are numerous options for restaurant or pizza delivery.

Indoor Party Area

A new viewing & grill area is now open overlooking our paintball fields.  We also provide an elevated and protected spectator area for observation.